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Argentina Tigers

FOUR PAWS mission – San Luis, Argentina, 2022

For more than 5,000 times, four tigers have seen the sunrise in the meadow where they look out from the bars of their cages. Freedom has always been right in front of them, yet so far away.

The cages are barely larger than the size of two parking spaces and are part of an old train carriage – unfit for any animal. In the beginning, it was only two of them. Then two cubs were born, who are 10 years old today. Trapped behind bars in dirty conditions, with little space to move on a train wagon – which has been stood still since then.

We have a very short window of opportunity to rescue them and show these majestic big cats that they deserve better. We are currently working hard on issuing the permits with the authorities and giving our best to plan out the mission despite logistical obstacles.

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