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Everything you need to know about your application to work at FOUR PAWS 


Where can I find current vacancies?

You can find all our open vacancies on the Welcome at FOUR PAWS page, which can be filtered by country. 

Are all job vacancies currently available?

Yes, as long as a job ad is published on the Welcome at FOUR PAWS page the position is still vacant and you can submit your application.

Can I apply for multiple vacancies at the same time?

Sure – you can apply for more than one job if it matches your profile. Please apply for each vacancy individually.

What is the best way to apply for a job at FOUR PAWS?

Please send your application via email to the responsible contact person listed on the job ad. 

Which documents should I submit with my application?

Please add your covering letter (letter of application), your CV and relevant certificates all saved as PDF to your application. 

Who shall I contact if I have specific questions about an open vacancy?

You will always find the responsible contact person listed on the job ad – feel free to contact them.

Am I the right person to join the FOUR PAWS team?

If you are passionate about contributing to something meaningful and working with us along our mission, then this is your chance. We are looking for dedicated people with great affinity to animal welfare and FOUR PAWS values.

What does the usual recruiting process look like?

  • JOB SEARCH: Find your job on the Welcome at FOUR PAWS page.
  • APPLICATION: Send your application via email and add all relevant documents in PDF format.
  • INTERVIEW PHASE: We want to get to know you during the first interview round – either via call, virtual meeting or face-to-face. In some cases there may be a second round of interviews, which you will be invited to.
  • DECISION: Once the final decision has been taken, we will contact you straight away.

Note: Keep in mind that being an international organisation, our recruiting processes can vary according to each country and each position’s needs.

Does FOUR PAWS hold on to my application for future consideration?

We keep your application documents in accordance to legal regulations and encourage you to regularly review our vacancies posted on Welcome at FOUR PAWS page.

How does FOUR PAWS handle the protection of my personal data?

We process your application in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Can I join FOUR PAWS as a volunteer?

We are always looking for dedicated individuals interested in donating their time and talents to supporting our cause. More information about supporting FOUR PAWS as a volunteer can be found here.

Does FOUR PAWS offer internships?

Yes, internships are offered selectively. Due to the high number of requests we kindly ask for your understanding that internships are limited. To do an internship at FOUR PAWS please send your application at least four months prior to your desired starting date. Choose the country for which you want to apply by clicking here!

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