Cattle have a distinct personalities and highly developed emotions. They also live in herds with a clear hierarchy structure. Under natural conditions, they spend most of the time grazing, during which they cover several kilometres per day. Cattle can live for up to 20 years, however, in commercial beef farming they are slaughtered at an average age of 18 months.

Worth knowing about cattle

Dairy cow

10 Facts about Dairy Cattle

Interesting and surprising facts about cows

A Bonding Affair

A Bonding Affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans

Group of cows

Animals in groups

From gaggle to gaze, from troop to parade – discover the unusual and funny collective animal names

Life Expectancy of Cattle

Life Expectancy of Cattle

A cow named "Milla" celebrated her 25th birthday on a farm in 2016 – but only a few cows have this happiness


how cattle suffer

22.6 million dairy cows are kept in the European Union, mostly under terrible conditions. A bull that weighs some 700 kg at the end of the fattening phase usually has two to three squared metres at his disposal. Calves, as by products of the dairy industry also lives miserable, short lives.

Veal calf

The Suffering of Calves

A distressing and sad youth for the by-products of the meat and dairy industry

Cattle with horns in the pasture

Mutilation of Cattle

Painful interventions are carried out on cattle without anaesthesia

Cattle in the stable in Germany

The Life of Beef Cattle

Roast beef and veal schnitzel: The cruelty behind farming of cattle fattened for meat

Calves on Live Animal Transport

Live Animal Transport of Calves

Every year millions of 'unweaned' animals are transported within the EU to be reared for veal

Dairy cows being milked

Milk Madness: The Torment of Dairy Cows

What suffering is behind your daily glass of milk?

Mother cow and calf

Alternatives To Dairy Cow Husbandry

Why mother-bound calf rearing and nursing cattle are more animal-friendly

Kuh und ihr Junges

Mother-Bonded Calf Rearing

A scientific study on the mitigation of weaning distress in cow-calf-contact systems

Comparing the natural life expectancy of cattle with their lifespan in intensive animal husbandry


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