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Help end the commercial trade and exploitation of big cats

If you have witnessed any online exploitation of big cats, please report it using our form

Have you witnessed any concerning activities regarding the commercial exploitation of big cats online? Fill in the form below to make a report.

Unsure of what to look out for? Here are some examples to help you spot and report suspicious activity:

  • The use of captive big cats in tourist attractions, such as cub petting and feeding, 'walk with' experiences and cuddle or selfie opportunities
  • Big cats traded or sold online on social media, trading websites or by the roadside
  • Inadequate keeping conditions such as overcrowding or small enclosures, or a lack of proper fencing around the enclosure
  • The keeping of big cats on a residential property as a pet

Please note that in order to substantiate your report we will require evidence in the form of photos, screenshots, videos, and/or eyewitness contact details.  


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Please attach up to 3 files as this is necessary in order to substantiate your report. Permitted image file types are JPG, PNG, PDF – max 2MB. Permitted video file types are MP4, MOV – max 100MB. If you have additional information or evidence to send, please indicate this in the box above, and we will reach out to you to discuss this.

Certain information from your report may be provided to governmental bodies (without your contact information) for lobbying efforts. FOUR PAWS regularly engages with national governments and certain information from your report may be useful in our policy efforts, for example by contributing to aggregated statistics provided to governments. If information from your report is provided, your contact information will not be sent to the government, and will be known only to FOUR PAWS.

We may also use certain parts of your report (without your contact information) in order to map out incidents for internal reporting purposes, such as building an internal database of websites selling live or parts of big cats, or understanding trade routes and hubs of wildlife trade.

We will never include any information which may identify you, such as the contact information you provided us.

Do we have your permission to publish this report or information from this report on social media? FOUR PAWS regularly engages with the public to increase awareness, and information from your report may help our efforts. If parts of your report are posted on social media, your contact information will never be posted and will be known only to FOUR PAWS.

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