Distressed lion cub being held by a man

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Lying Tiger


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Tiger Lina at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Ban the EU tiger trade

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"Tigers from Europe are the best ones"

says L. Berousek, a big cat trader selling tigers to Asian buyers.

The commercial trade with captive tigers is legal and out of control throughout the EU. Whether performing in circus shows, bought as pets or killed and turned into traditional medicine, a lack of regulation in Europe is putting an almost extinct species at great risk. No authority or country knows how many tigers are currently kept in the European Union or what happens to them during their life or once they’re dead.

We’re fighting to change that. Help us ban the #RuthlessTrade.

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Ban the ruthless tiger trade now!


 Price of a live tiger on the black market


 Price of a litre of tiger wine on the black market


Price of a kilogram of tiger bones on the black market

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Tiger behind bars

Milestones in the fight to ban the #RuthlessTrade in Europe

Mission to expose the horrific realities of the tiger business 

Tiger behind bars

‘Europe’s second-class tigers’

A FOUR PAWS report documenting the out of control number of captive tigers in Europe and subsequent commercial trade

Tiger being kept in a wagon

Tiger Products – Made in Europe

Europe’s entertainment and breeding industry

A tiger

EU Tiger Trade

The ruthless business of tiger traders in Europe


Victims of the #RuthlessTrade

Rambas transport crate

Rescue Tigress Ramba

Another victim of the ruthless tiger trade

Tiger cub Charlota in the Czech Republic

Rescue Tigress Charlota

A victim of the ruthless tiger trade

Puma in the enclosure

Rescue Puma Tikam

A victim of the wildcat trade in Europe

Tiger behind bars

Ban the tiger trade now!

Call on the European Commission to ban the commercial trade in tigers

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