Tiger being kept in a wagon

Tiger Products – Made in Europe

Europe’s entertainment and breeding industry


Although the trade in traditional 'medicine' made from tiger parts is illegal in Europe, products such as tiger wine and tiger bones are being seized on a regular basis. Additionally there are many legal ways to exploit tigers for commercial purposes in Europe:

Photo prop ‘abusement’

Tiger ‘selfies’ and tiger interactions are common in tourist facilities across Asia. Worryingly these cruel acts can be also booked in various European countries. Research by FOUR PAWS revealed that tigers are being offered as photo props in multiple countries including Germany, Spain and Slovakia.

White tiger being used for photo prob in Germany

In the UK, it was even possible to rent tigers for private parties! These tigers are victims of cruel commercial trade where they are hand raised and subjected to brutal training.

Wild souls behind bars

Today, there are more tigers living in captivity than in the wild. Legitimate zoos that breed and keep tigers do so as part of regulated conservation breeding programmes. 

Sadly, this is not always the case and there are many zoos which breed and trade tigers for commercial benefits. In many European countries, it is even allowed to keep tigers as pets. Often, the animals suffer a depressing life behind bars in small enclosures without adequate care.

Tigers being kept behind bars

Forced to entertain you

In the wild tigers do not jump through fire or walk on two legs. These sorts of 'stunts' are always the result of questionable methods of abusive training.

Tiger being forced to stand on two legs in a circus

Circus tigers are constantly moved from location to location and spend most of their time locked up in tiny cages. While some EU member states have already banned wild animals in circuses, others – such as France, Germany and Spain – still support this cruelty.

Young tiger behind bars


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