How to Adopt a Pet

If you have never adopted an animal from the shelter before, ask yourself a few questions: How does the adoption process work? How much time does it take? What are the costs?


Adoption starts with the research on the shelter's website or physical location

Animal shelters usually introduce their protégés on their websites or social media sites. Databases with different filters such as species, size, age, gender, family suitable, suitable for seniors and much more make the initial selection easier. Photos and detailed descriptions of dogs, cats and other pets do the rest to make the choice easier. Animal lovers can take their time to look for a suitable pet. If you are still unsure about choosing your animal friend, you are welcome to contact the staff of the animal shelter. They are there to help every one who wants to adopt an animal with their experience, expertise and comprehensive advice to help make the right decision.


The first contact

Your visit is the first opportunity to get to know your favorite pet and you can decide if you and the animal work well together. In a thorough preliminary discussion with the contact person of the animal shelter all doubts can be discussed.

The formal process

Animal shelters usually reserve the right to take a look at the living situation of the potential adopters. The responsible staff wants to ensure a beautiful and appropriate home for the pet. If this hurdle is taken, only a few formalities follow. A protection contract is issued and usually a nominal charge is applied, the amount varies individually.

Adopting a pet is a wonderful thing

The animal shelters facilitate the preselection process for animal lovers. Consultative discussions with helpful employees can eliminate any doubts about animal husbandry and help to form the right human-animal team. Even after the adoption, the staff is there to consult, if there are difficulties in the relationship between master and pet.

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