Responsible pet ownership

Responsibility begins even before a pet joins the family. The first important question you should ask yourself is: Are you able to provide a pet with a good life? More consideration should go into which animal is the right choice for you and your lifestyle and where will you get your new pet? FOUR PAWS is raising awareness on responsible pet ownership.

Are you Ready for a pet?

For future pet owners: Our pet guides are helping you with the decision which animal is the ideal match for you and your life.

Checklist: Getting a Pet

A guide for future pet owners


Getting a Cat?

Things to consider before getting a cat


Getting a Dog?

Things to consider before getting a dog


Animals are not presents

Every year we point out that animals are not presents. Too often, the animals gifted as presents end up back in a shelter after the holidays are over.

Shelter dog

the beauty of adoption

Giving a loving new home to a shelter animal

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Tips & Tricks for Pet owners

You have already taken on the responsibility for an animal? Our pet guides offer many helpful tips and useful information for the everyday life with an animal.

Cat-Friendly Water Bowl

Cat-Friendly Water Bowl

Guide for Cat Owners

Pools are a danger to animals

Swimming Pools Pose a Danger to Pets and Wildlife!

Having a swimming pool is fun, but there are risks for animals that can be prevented

Happy cat

The Purr-fect Vacation

A happy cat’s holiday guide

What do dogs enjoy doing on holiday?

What Do Dogs Enjoy Doing on Holiday?

FOUR PAWS Guide for Dog Owners

Dogs on leash

Springtime: Keep your Dog on a Leash

Let wild animals raise their babies in peace

Snuffle mat for dogs

Make a Snuffle Mat for Your Dog

Instructions: creative fun for both you and your dog!


Clicker Training for Guinea Pigs

This method is mostly known from training with dogs


Beware of Ticks!

Caution helps to protect dogs and cats

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