Pain in Pets

What your pet feels, and how to understand the warning signs

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unknown and invisible Pain

Animals are able to feel pain as much as humans. However, sometimes its not always possible to see and understand when our pets are suffering. Many animals only show their pain to a very limited extent. For example, prey animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs tend to hide it their pain silently, as in the wild, showing signs of pain, such as vocalising, would attract predators and increase the chance of being caught and killed. It is therefore often a challenge for someone to recognise when their pet is in pain, especially when there are no identifiable causes, making it vitally important to pay vigilant to our pets behaviors.

How to protect your pet and MINIMIsE risk

There are multiple things you can do to minimise the risk of you pet experiencing any pain

Dog is petted

You can protect your pet by providing...

… a secure living environment
... adequate nutrition for species/breed  
... correct amount of exercise for the species/breed
... regular control/maintenance of coat, skin, eyes, ears etc
... regular (recommend annual) check up visits to the vet
... correct handling of any known conditions, eg pain medication and supplements 

Guinea pig

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