The illegal puppy trade is rife with animal cruelty and deception. Every year, countless puppies are bred in deplorable conditions, taken from their mothers too early and transported across Europe to be sold online via classified ad sites. To help combat this exploitative trade, FOUR PAWS has developed a 'Model Solution for full traceability across the EU online puppy trade', which requires all puppies to be microchipped and registered, and the seller’s details verified, before they can be advertised online. 

Statements of Support

Stakeholders across the EU have already aired their interest in participating in a pioneer project to implement the Model Solution, including EuroPetNet, databases such as ANIMALDATA.COM (Austria), Fido (Ireland), classified ad sites such as (Switzerland) and (Germany).

FOUR PAWS is in touch with and supported by several further stakeholders. 

Latest News & History of this project

What’s next? 

6th November:

FOUR PAWS presents 'PetSAFE - a system for checking online classified ads for puppies in the EU', at the Expert Conference: 'Time to Act - A Mandatory Identification and Registration (I&R) for dogs and cats in Germany and Developments in the EU', Berlin

What happened? 

16th October: 

FOUR PAWS UK submitted written evidence to the UK parliament’s Puppy Smuggling Inquiry and made various suggestions to help control the online puppy trade

8th October: 

Europetnet’s Finbarr Heslin presented 'PetSAFE' at the event 'The Next Political Term: What's on the Horizon for Animals' in Brussels

June 2019: 

Presentation of the Model Solution to the Europetnet General Assembly 

Identification and Registration in the EU

Many countries across Europe already have mandatory Identification and Registration (I&R) of dogs which brings us even closer to achieving full implementation of our Model Solution across the EU.

Below shows a map of all the countries in the EU that already have mandatoryI&R:

External references to the Model Solution

  • International Companion Animal Management Coalition mentioned the Model Solution as a Case Study in their “HUMANE DOG POPULATION MANAGEMENT GUIDANCE“ Report
  • Tracing the Trade: Model Solution for Full Traceability across the EU Online Puppy Trade. Article from International Companion Animal Management Coalition

More Information: 

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