Cow receiving treatment in India

Animal Disaster Relief in India

FOUR PAWS helps after Cyclone 'Fani' strikes India!


We have been very busy with various ongoing missions, and we are always looking for more ways to make a positive impact for animals in disasters.

We tracked the development of Cyclone 'Fani' since it began as a tropical depression and informed our partners in India about the potential impact to the eastern coastline of India. We deployed our team to help with the devastating aftermath of the strongest storm to hit the Indian state of Odisha in 20 years, our specialised Disaster Relief team joined forces with our local partner Blue Cross of India to help out the community.

The Indian government has done an amazing job of evacuating its citizens, but many animals were left behind. This meant that animals were not considered in the disaster plans, but the FOUR PAWS Disaster Relief team has been able to get access to remote and hard-to-reach areas to provide veterinary care and assist injured animals!

Injured Farm Animals

To get to remote villages outside of  Puri, our team had to cut their way through fallen trees and debris, as well as clear the streets of power lines and lamp posts. Many time during the mission, our team were the first responders to the affected villages.  When they finally arrived, the things they witnessed were atrocious. Out of those animals that had survived, many had been injured by fallen trees, coconuts and even the roofs of buildings. The cows were especially vulnerable, having nowhere to hide but in sheds and under coconut trees. 

While the team could successfully treat all of the injured cattle, they also found many orphaned calves. Weakened and scared, they were wandering aimlessly around the village looking for food and affection. Our team provided them with vital supplements and infusions to make them strong enough to rejoin the herd.

Providing treatments for dogs as well

Most companion animals we encountered during our mission in India were spared the worst. Taking advantage of having a veterinarian in the village, the villagers also asked us to check up on their dogs. Their furry friends received shots and treatments for small ailments by our vet Dr. Jackson Zee. 

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Update 31th of May 2019:

Our disaster relief mission in India has come to an end. The destruction that Cyclone 'Fani' had left in its path was almost unimaginable. 1.2 Million people had to leave their homes, many of these were farmers who had to leave their animals, such as cattle, behind. To be able to reach the communities that had stayed behind, the team had to clear roads and cut down trees and electrical poles. In many of the villages that they reached, our team were the first to offer help and re-establish contact with the outside world. While sadly many animals perished in the disaster, we were able to help and care for 170 injured cattle, 6 cats and 4 dogs.

Take a peek behind the scenes of the mission:

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