Vet giving treatment to abandoned dog

Hurricane in Puerto Rico 

Help for abandoned animals after disaster hits the shores of Puerto Rico


Around two tons of dry food for dogs and cats together with our emergency response team this week reached Puerto Rico, devastated by Hurricane 'Maria'. Supplies are expected to last for two weeks. Our team distributed the food especially in isolated areas and treated over 580 sick and injured dogs and cats. 

"The animals' welfare also benefits the well-being of the community. Because now people can concentrate on their own welfare and are no longer occupied with caring for the animals."

Dr. Jackson Zee, vet and leader of the FOUR PAWS emergency response unit for animals

State of emergency makes the mission more difficult

According to information from FOUR PAWS in Puerto Rico, cases of leptospirosis have been diagnosed. This is a bacterial infection that can affect human beings as well as animals. The disease often appears after flooding. FOUR PAWS has provided active emergency relief to animals since 2005 and has operated in various disaster areas, including in India, Pakistan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Libya. 

Vet giving treatment to abandoned dog

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