Cultivated Meat & Food innovation

Cultivated Meat & Food innovation 

How meat is created without harming animals

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The future of meat is shifting to plant and cell-based products 

For many people across the world, eating meat, dairy and eggs is part of their daily diet. However, behind the great tasting food, lingers a bad taste of the animal cruelty which people are no longer accepting. What if similar products were made available, which didn’t involve animal slaughter, yet the products were just as juicy, full of flavour and looked quite similar? Would we naturally opt for these alternatives instead? From bleeding burgers to juicy steaks, food innovation has never been such a hot topic as it is today! Explore more about the meat successors which are paving the way for animal friendlier choices worldwide. 

Worth knowing about 'Cultivated Meat'

Also known as clean meat

A new meat on the horizon

A new meat on the horizon  

Dr Mark Post

What is 'Cultivated Meat'?

Alison   Rabschnuk

Interview with Alison Rabschnuk

FAQs about 'Cultivated Meat'

FAQs about 'Cultivated Meat'

Worth knowing about Food innovation 


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