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Help Our Orangutans in Their New Lives

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Orphan orangutan playing in the forest

Meet Our Orphans of the Forest

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Help us buy a blanket for an orphan

Blanket for an orangutan

Even in the rainforest, the orangutan babies can get cold. Without the warm comfort of clinging to their mother’s fur, we must provide the next best thing. 
Help us fund a caretaker for one week


One week's cost of our dedicated caregiver. Our caregivers, or foster ‘mothers’, spend night and day loving and guiding the orphans at the FOREST SCHOOL, giving them the confidence and independence to survive on their own.  
Help us to transport our orphans


One month's transport costs for our orphans. Having our own vehicles is extremely important to ensure we can respond quickly to emergencies and can move the orangutans between areas of the forest.  
Help us pay for medical care for our orphans

Medical expenses for an orphan

One month's medical expenses for one of our orphans. Sometimes our orangutans get sick, and we need to be ready to look after them. This year a testicular tumour was removed from 10-year-old Robin. Thanks to our generous donors, he is on the road to recovery.  
Help us feed our orphans

Food for an orphan

One month's supply of food for one of our orphans. Orangutans love to eat! They forage for over 400 different food items, including bark, leaves, flowers, vines, some insects for protein, and over 300 types of fruit! Help us keep their diet nutritious and delicious.  
Support the cost of physical enrichment for our orangutans

Physical enrichment

One month's costs of physical enrichment for our orphans. Help us make life for the orangutans more exciting! Physical enrichment can take many forms, but all have the goal of adding variety and spice to the orangutans’ lives.  
Help us by a forest kit for our caregivers

Forest kit

Our human caregivers are not forest experts like adult orangutans areSo they need a little help. The forest kit incl. knife, walkie-talkie, wellies, anti-mosquito spray, head lamps to makes sure they can make their way through the dense jungle, keeping the orangutans safe.
Help us to buy an emergency health kit for our orangutans

Emergency health kit

We need to stay on our toes to make sure the orangutans at the FOREST SCHOOL are in tip-top health. The emergency health kit makes sure we are always prepared for snake bites, sprained limbs, or anything that could injure the orangutans in the forest.    

The ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL, conducted by our partner Yayasan Jejak Pulang in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, is dedicated to give around the clock care to our nine rescued orphans 

By buying a virtual present, your gift will contribute to a greater cause, you are giving the orphan orangutans hope for a better future and with your support, one day, they will be released back into the wild where they belong.

Meet Some of Our Orphans

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