Brown bear Mira

Brown Bears in Care of FOUR PAWS

Images of the brown bears in our BEAR SANCTUARIES


The European brown bear was once a wide spread species who roamed the landscapes of the European continent. But today, around 13,000 individuals live within limited populations in the wild across Europe. Sadly, it is estimated that hundreds of bears are being kept in captivity, many in appalling conditions used for tourist attractions, pets or in bad keeping in zoos. FOUR PAWS is actively working to make conditions better for captive bears, as well as rescuing individuals and giving them a new, species-appropriate life in our sanctuaries. Take a look at some of our rescued brown bears enjoying their new lives!

Please note that sadly, some of the bears have passed away. While they have found their forever peace, we keep them in our hearts forever and will always remember their happy faces!

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