#ResetTheWorld: The Movement for Higher Animal Welfare. Worldwide!

How FOUR PAWS employees interpret the ten demands artistically 


Upon an internal call for artistically active people within FOUR PAWS’ employees, several volunteered their own time and delivered their vision of how we should #ResetTheWorld with our 10 demands...on canvas. Get inspired by our art gallery! 

Reducing global production and consumption of animal products
2. Regulating the online pet trade and improving traceability of companion animals
3. Ending factory farming, created by Otto H
4. Ensuring that trade agreements only allow commercial exchanges that don’t have a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment, created by Otto H
5. Prohibiting the exploitation of wild animals for entertainment, created by Jeta L
6. Ending the trade and consumption of dog and cat meat in Asia, created by Jeta L
7. Reducing stray animal suffering, created by Magdalena P
Stopping fur farming, created by Sabrina Ausserwöger
Banning the trade of wild animals, created by Fitore Berisha
Ending all agricultural subsidies that harm animals and the environment created by the team, created by Margit D, Otto H, Sandra K, Julia M, Martina, N and Teresa P

What the artist had in mind...

All of the art work displayed on this page was created voluntarily, in FOUR PAWS employees free time. All materials to create the art were paid for privately by the artists.