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Moncler Drops Animal Fur and Joins Fur Free Retailer

Global animal welfare organisation, FOUR PAWS, welcome decision that luxury brand goes fur free 


Vienna, 25 January 2022 - Animal advocates praise the luxury brand Moncler that will stop using real fur. With this commitment, the Italian brand pledges to remove animal fur, obtained from animals specially bred or captured in the wild, from all its collections after Fall/Winter 2023.

After working together with Fur Free Alliance member LAV, Moncler announced today that it will permanently ban fur cruelty and join the global Fur Free Retailer scheme.  

“Moncler will phase out the use of fur in all its collections. The company will stop sourcing fur this year and the last collection to feature fur will be Fall/Winter 2023. This decision is consistent with Moncler’s ongoing commitment to responsible business practices and builds on the brand’s constructive and long-term engagement with Italian animal rights organisation LAV as a representative of the Fur Free Alliance.” 

says the company.

FOUR PAWS, the global animal welfare organisation, welcomed the decision from the Italian brand. Thomas Pietsch, Head of Wild Animals in Entertainment and Textiles at FOUR PAWS, said, “As we head into 2022 we are seeing time and time again that consumers are not only supporting companies that care about animal protection, but demanding it as integral part of sustainability policies. There is a long way in the fight to stop the use of fur in fashion but we are seeing a societal change of attitudes at a rapid rate. It is still a cruel practice that needs to see a global ban and brands can begin to set the example as we have seen here with Moncler.”

Joh Vinding, chairman of the Fur Free Alliance, says, “We praise Moncler for shedding the cruelty associated with the fur trade. It is becoming increasingly clear that today’s consumers and brands want nothing to do with the appalling suffering of animals used for fur fashion.”

Simone Pavesi, LAV Manager for the Animal Free Fashion Area, added, “LAV applauds Moncler for the responsible decision to permanently discontinue animal furs from its collections. Our commitment to Moncler and all fashion companies continues towards new goals for an increasingly sustainable fashion and for the protection of animals.” 

Today, more than 1,500 brands worldwide have renounced fur fashion and joined the international Fur Free Retailer program, sending a powerful message that fur inevitably belongs to the past. Moncler joins a growing international list of brands who have committed to exclude real fur from their collections including Armani, Gucci, Prada and global leader in online luxury fashion Yoox Net-a-Porter.   


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