Animals abused for Fashion

Millions of animals are suffering around the world for fashion every year. Many are caged, mutilated and face a brutal death for our clothing choices. 
But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Textiles made from animal suffering

Wear it Kind Campaign

#WearItKind - Our Campaign for Animal-friendly Fashion

Our Vision: A world where all animals are treated with kindness, and animal-friendly fashion is the only kind of fashion. 

Together, we can drive an animal-friendly fashion future. Read more here #WearItWear.

Your choice makes a difference

Every conscious choice can make a difference!

Shopping guide for winter wear


If you are considering buying animal-based fashion:

WOOL Industry

Painful mutilations – the bloody business of sheep wool production

Sheep for wool production

Sheep Wool

Painful mutilations – the bloody business of sheep wool production

Animal Charity

Suffering for Luxury Mohair

How angora goats are cruelly farmed for their soft hair


The Cruel Reality behind Angora Wool

How angora rabbits suffer horrendously for luxury fashion  


The Cost to Goats behind your Cashmere Sweater

Suffering for the luxury of cashmere  


fur Industry

The breeding of fur animals as well as trapping them in the wild to produce fashion or luxury items is cruel, unethical and unnecessary

The Truth about Fur

The Truth About Fur

Even a fur trim is extreme cruelty to animals 

Fur Farm Fox

Fur or Fake

How do you tell the difference?

Fur farm

COVID-19 in Fur Farms

The EU must act immediately to avert danger to humans and animals

Mink Farm

Put a stop to the fur industry!

Call on policymakers and the fashion industry to finally act!

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'WelFur' -  Certified Cruel

Why WelFur fails to stop the suffering of animals on fur farms

Full Report
Fur Farmed Fox

Fur Free Retailer

There's plenty of fur-free fashion – the Fur Free Retailer tells you where

Mink at a fur farm

Will Europe become fur-free?

FOUR PAWS advocates a fur-free Europe


Down Industry

Geese and ducks welfare is severely compromised as they are tormented in cruel practices hidden in the production of down


Live Feather Plucking

Live feather plucking harms animals


10 Facts about Geese

Did you know that geese are good "guard dogs"?


10 Facts about Ducks

Did you know that all ducks have highly waterproof feathers?


suffering for fashion

The animals behind the products