Cat at home

A cat-friendly Home

A Guide for Cat Owners: How to design your home in a lovely way for your furry friend


An outdoor cat experiences a lot every day, collects different impressions and meets other cats. Owners of indoor cats have to provide sufficient stimuli so that the cat can enjoy a happy stay in an varied apartment. 

Look at some of our suggestions 

  • Opportunities for scratching: For a cat, scratching is a way of sharpening its claws, marking out its turf through scents in the pads of its paws – and just plain fun! It can do a fair amount of damage with its claws, from the “designs” it might inflict on its owner’s hands to the ones it leaves on wallpaper, carpets and upholstery. It is therefore very important to get hold of a scratching tree – but although this is a good start, it can only go part-way towards meeting your cat’s needs. What you really need is a multi-storey climbing and scratching tree capable of being attached to a nearby shelf mounted at an angle. What could be nicer for a cat than a scratching tree that is very nearly a real tree?
  • Opportunities for climbing: Cats enjoy occupying raised vantage points: these give them a feeling of safety while allowing them to indulge their curiosity. Breakable objects should therefore be placed in safe locations and books arranged so as to create a stable surface. Find out from observation which shelf your cat prefers and create space for it there. Since cats like huddling up in small recesses, you should only remove objects that really are in the way, otherwise your cat will seek out a different, even more cluttered shelf. There is nothing cats like better than a wide variety of opportunities to use and explore the room from a high vantage point. Possible solutions include placing a number of shelves together, creating bridges between them or stacking up shelving like steps.
  • Opportunities for sleeping and withdrawing: It is simply impossible to assign a cat a particular location for sleeping. If it didn’t seek out its own sleeping place, it wouldn’t be a cat. Cats love warmth, so one way to make your cat very happy is to set up a resting place above a radiator installed in a quiet, safe location. If the bedding is nice and soft, so much the better. A blanket or a towel will do just fine, and will be easy to keep clean. Your local pet shop will also be able to supply you with purpose-built cat radiator beds. Hollow spaces mean safety to a cat. Just leave a drawer open in your desk or dresser for your cat to use. Cats often enjoy climbing around behind the dresser, so don’t close it abruptly!


Every cat should have a number of places to lie and rest – some catering to its need for physical contact and warmth, others giving it a chance to withdraw and hide

Find more ideas in our guide You can download it as a PDF here: