Dog Daisy

Aug 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Daisy

One of the 15 dogs saved from the dog meat trade in rural Cambodia, Daisy now has the chance at a new life in the USA.


Daisy is one of the lucky ones. She was rescued alongside 14 other dogs after the closure of a dog slaughterhouse in the Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia. It is believed that Daisy was stolen from her home, alongside dog Rashi, before they endured a long terrifying journey as part of the horrific dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. 

The puppy arrived at the slaughterhouse in terror, her captors pocked her aggressively with bamboo sticks to transfer her into the holding cage. Despite clearly suffering from exhaustion, Daisy desperately tried to cling to the smaller cage, terrified of what awaited her in the slaughterhouse. After enough prodding, Daisy knew she didn't have a choice. She ended up in a holding cage with more than 10 other dogs, all gazing helplessly out from behind rusty bars. They did not know what would happen to them, but from the strong stench of faeces, urine and blood it was clear to them something very bad was happening there. 

In August 2020, after many months of planning, FOUR PAWS was able to shut down the dog slaughterhouse in Kampong Thom. The team worked closely with the owner of the slaughterhouse to give her an option for an alternative livelihood so that she and her husband would never have to kill dogs again to survive. The conversion benefited not only the owners who simply didn't want to kill dogs anymore, but we were also able to save the 15 souls awaiting their fate in the slaughterhouse cages, and give them second chance at life. These dogs represent the millions of dogs and cats that are brutally slaughtered for the dog and cat meat trade every year.

When our team opened the doors of the cage doors, Daisy literally leapt into the arms of her rescuer. Daisy was full of love and affection, despite all that she had been thought, all she wanted to do, was love. 

Daisy and the other rescued dogs needed extensive medical treatment as well as long term behavioural care to help them recover from the trauma they have faced and learn how to be a dog once again. Incredibly, despite the traumatic ordeal she endure, Daisy is an extremely playful and happy dog. Our partner organisation, Animal Rescue Cambodia helped prep the dogs for their new homes. Daisy was vaccinated, neutered, and given all the love and attention she needed.

Daisy's Second Chance in the USA

With COVID-19 travel restrictions, there was limited flights opportunities for the dogs to travel, but this pup was very fortunate to secure a flight from Phnom Penh all the way to Los Angeles in the USA! She was then picked up by our partner organisation, The Barking Lot. It was not long before Daisy found her forever home! Her new family loves her very much. Now, Daisy will never have to suffer again.

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