Rescue Dog Rashi

Aug 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Rashi

Saved from slaughter in rural Cambodia, Rashi represents the many dogs killed for meat in Southeast Asia. 


Rashi’s story is an extremely sad one. It is not known exactly where he came from, but it is thought that he was stolen from his home along with another puppy, Daisy in Siem Reap, Cambodia. But what we do know is that Rashi became part of brutal and illicit trade in Southeast Asia. 

He was discovered during a rescue mission of a dog slaughterhouse in the Kampong Thom Province. He had just arrived at the slaughterhouse following a long and terrifying journey on the back of a motorbike, and when we arrived, he was forced into the facility's holding crate. He was trembling with fear behind the rusty bars of a cage, filled with many other poor souls awaiting their fate. Terrified of what was ahead of them, they would soon be slaughtered in a brutal, unthinkable manner just like the other somewhat 9 million dogs destined to be eaten in the rampant trade every year in Asia. But for Rashi, his life was changed in the nick of time.

In August 2020, after months of planning, FOUR PAWS shut down a dog slaughterhouse in the Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia. The team were able to rescue 15 sweet souls and shut down the slaughterhouse for good. An important step in the journey to end this cruel trade forever. 

Rashi and the other rescued dogs required extensive medical treatment as well as long-term behavioural care to help them recover from traumas that they endured, and learn how to be a happy, loving dog again. Our partner organisation, Animal Rescue Cambodia gave these dogs what they needed to prepare them for their new homes. Rashi was vaccinated, neutered and nursed back to health.

A New Life for Rashi

It was not long before a volunteer of Animal Rescue Cambodia met Rashi and couldn't let him go. She immediately fell in love with the sweet boy, after everything he had been through, he was adopted that very morning! 

Now with love and care, Rashi will be able to put his traumatic past behind him. He will never have to suffer again!

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