The four puppies in a bag

Apr 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue of Four Puppies

Tied up in a plastic bag and thrown away like trash


Bali, a paradise island for some - but the reality for animals on the Indonesian island that is far from true. 

For puppies - especially those that are female, are regularly dumped after they are born, as they are not wanted. Many die a slow death due to disease, starvation and car accidents, and those who survive are regularly stolen or sold for the dog meat trade. Thankfully Program Dharma is there to help dogs in need! We have teamed up with Bali Animal Welfare Association to help provide much-needed veterinary care to the animals in the regency of Karangasem, Bali, through Program Dharma.

Thrown away in a plastic bag

The Program Dharma team was contacted by an expat who had found four female puppies tied up in a plastic bag and dumped on the side of the road at Jemeluk Point, located on Amed's coastline. Scared and hungry, these little puppies needed urgent care.

Happy End comes quickly

The team immediately rushed to rescue the four pups. After the puppies were removed from the bag, taken back to the centre for medical care, our team worked to find these puppies a safe home. After just one day, all four were adopted! The puppies are now safe and sound, well looked after and loved in their new homes. When they are old enough, our team will provide rabies vaccination and sterilisation so these dogs will have long and happy lives.

These lucky puppies got a second chance
Kitten in Bali

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