Orangutan Eska

Apr 2017


Rescue Orangutan Eska

Rescued from a stressful situation, cheeky Eska will soon be released into the wild


Orangutan Eska was rescued along with 2-years older Amalia from a private zoo, which authorities shut down in 2017. He was roughly 4 years old at the time, and Amalia 6. One of the first residents of the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL which is conducted by our partner Yayasan Jejak Pulang in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. Eska arrived under-weight and very intimidated by everything, he did not seek out human contact to feel safe and instead opted to embrace himself for comfort.

Eska‘s and Amalia’s relationship has grown stronger over the years. In the beginning, Amalia was quite domineering and not maternal, but as they grew older and lived together in our Forest School, Amalia even permitted Eska to sleep in the night nests she constructed.

School days

Together with Amalia and Cantik, Eska attended the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL since 2018. Cantik was the first new orangutan Eska met and she became his best friend for the next 2 years. Eska has learned so much in the past few years and behaves much like a wild orangutan: he knows where to find food in the forest and enjoys sleeping up in the trees each night.

Growing up

Eska is demonstrably more confident now, and often explores the forest by himself. Despite his independence, he still enjoys accompanying Amalia in the canopy – searching for food, hanging out. Occasionally he also meets the younger orangutans, Tegar, Gonda, Kartini, and they inevitably have long vigorous play-fighting sessions.



Waiting for the right time to rehome

The rehoming of Eska and Amalia is sadly taking longer than expected due several factors, such as heavy flooding close to the release area, unavailability of the helicopter needed to bring the orangutans safely to the area, and elections that have been followed by the period of fasting in Indonesia. But we are prepared for the right moment waiting to get the green light. 

Eska, like Amalia, has already undergone a pre-release health check to ensure that he is completely healthy, and he has received a telemetry sender device in order to find him in case she gets lost. We hope we can provide good news soon and we are positive that with your wonderful support – for which thank you very much – that we will succeed soon in bringing Eska and Amalia back home to the jungle in which they belong.


First to join the Forest School

Together with Amalia, Eska will be rehomed to the release site this year. To facilitate the transition, they will first be in the Jungle Academy, where they will become familiar with this new area and its other wild animals, which probably include predators such as clouded leopards and crocodiles. Getting to know the release site during the Jungle Academy is the last step before Eska reaches maturity and can live fully independent from human care, released back into the wild!

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