Orangutan Robin

Apr 2017


Rescue Orangutan Robin

Because he loves humans so much, Robin will never be able to be released into the wild


Robin, born in 2009, previously came from a private zoo which was closed by the authorities, but is now at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL which is conducted by our partner Yayasan Jejak Pulang in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry,. In captivity, he had grown very attached to humans – loving nothing more than to play tricks on his human caregivers. We knew straight away that he couldn’t be released back into the wild: he would seek out human settlements, which would put him in danger of violence.

This means we have to do everything in our power to give Robin a rich, fulfilling life under our care. We want to build a larger enclosure that gives him more space and the opportunity to live in an environment as close to his natural habitat as possible; with trees to climb and ropes to swing from, and in the future, hopefully another unreleasable orangutan to give him company.

His full name is ‘Robinson’. Named after Robinson Crusoe; because of his isolation, it is like he is the only one on his island.

Robin loves trust games! He offers his finger to be chewed gently by a human friend, also inviting us to do the same. He even covers his teeth with his lips to show how nice and friendly he is!

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