Roe buck Ruffy

Jun 2019


Rescue Roe Fawn Ruffy

An orphaned roe fawn in a meadow who fought to live!


On a scorching summers day in 2019, a young roe fawn was discovered in a meadow in Germany. It was clear, that the little buck had been without the care of his mother for a long time and was very dehydrated. Sadly, it is likely that his mother was killed by poachers, or scared away by a dog, leaving the fawn hopelessly unable to survive on its own. Unable to walk, the poor buck would just roll over and his legs would cramp.

For many young deer in such conditions and at such a level of dehydration, their prognosis does not look promising, but in desperate hope to keep the fawn from suffering, he was brought to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary and our veterinarian began urgent care for the young deer. He was given infusions, vitamins and booster injections for several days. 

The team named the little deer Ruffy, but after multiple days of refusing food and not accepting the bottle, the team at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary started to lose hope that Ruffy would make it. But in those dark hours, something changed, and Ruffy turned out to be a real fighter after all. He began to drink the milk formula and nibbled diligently on blackberry leaves and other greenery! Day by day, Ruffy became stronger and stronger, and it wasn't long that he turned into a beautiful buck!

Despite his health improvements, Ruffy still suffered from cramping seizures for a long time. This meant that he had to be kept within a large enclosure, where he could be observed. 

A new friend for life

When Kalle, a three-day-old roebuck was tracked down by a free-running dog, the tiny fawn was brought to TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary to be hand-reared by the knowledgeable caregivers. After a lot of care, Kalle grew healthy and strong. It wasn't long the two young deer could be introduced and soon they became the best of friends! 

Following months of Ruffy being seizure-free, it was decided that the two bucks could be released into the 14-hectare area, where they are able to roam freely. 

On the day of their release into the larger, free-roaming enclosure, both deer left curiously, but together they went off to explore the whole station. During their exploration tour, they also discovered the flock of sheep and mixed curiously among the herd. More and more often, however, the two of them now come down to the lowest level of the compound to the feeding kitchen. The animal keepers always prepare some food there to attract the two. This way we have a regular chance to look at them and check that they are doing well. 

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