Atlas Challenge – Food Delivery Services

Food Delivery Services

How does your favourite food delivery service compare? 


The food delivery service sector plays a major role in society by providing a platform to order meals with a click of a button and is challenged to meet their customer demand for more sustainable food choices. With consumers becoming more health and environmentally conscious, competition amongst food delivery services is evident by comparing the forward-thinking companies to the ones falling behind, in relation to a sustainable economy.

Just Eat Logo

Just Eat - 89%

Deliveroo Logo

Deliveroo - 63%

Delivery Hero Logo

Delivery Hero - 63%

DoorDash Logo

DoorDash - 47%

Foodpanda Logo

Foodpanda - 41%

Grubhub  Logo

Grubhub - 34%

Zomato Logo

Zomato - 34%

TakeAway Logo

TakeAway - 33%

Meituan Logo

Meituan Waimai - 31%

Uber Eats Logo

Uber Eats - 30%

Talabat Logo

Talabat - 28%

Mjam Logo

Mjam - 26%

Foodora Logo

Foodora - 19%

Swiggy Logo

Swiggy - 15%

 Very good

The Atlas Challenge ranking is based on FOUR PAWS’ assessment. It provides a clear understanding of the food delivery service sector performance, when it comes to progressive food strategies which support a meat reduction approach as well as of meat substitutes and innovative (plant-based) alternatives. The reduction of meat products and the availability of alternatives from plants, is the key to lower greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on our planet and farm animals suffering in factory farms.

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The Atlas Challenge Delivery Services Report

The Atlas Challenge Delivery Services Report

You can find the full summary report here:

did you know?

  • €23.6 billion: Market value of plant-based meat worldwide by 2025.1
  • 53% consider high-quality products when ordering food online.2
  • 81.5 million: the number of food delivery users in Europe predicted by 2023.2
  • 44% of online food users seek great product variety.2
  • Burgers, pizza, Chinese and burritos are the top foods ordered for delivery in 2018.2
  • Choosing plant-based options over meat, eggs and dairy products can help improve our health.3
  • Meat alternatives and cultivated meat could have 60% market share by 2040.4
  • 80% of soy worldwide is used as feed for farmed animals. You need 1 kg of soy to produce 1 kg of poultry. To feed 1 person directly, you would only need 230 g of soy.5
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