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Your Legacy for Animals in Need

Save the date for the FOUR PAWS webinar

Join us for our legacy webinar to find out more about how you can leave us a gift in your Will to support our work in animal welfare. 

By leaving a gift in your Will to FOUR PAWS, you enable us to protect animals worldwide – from campaigning against the illegal puppy trade, to helping stray dogs and cats in Europe and Asia to rescuing and rehoming magnificent animals like big cats and bears who now live in our species-appropriate sanctuaries.

At this behind-the-scenes webinar on the 25th of October, 13:00 CET, you will have the chance to hear from three FOUR PAWS experts about our Puppy Trade Campaign, our Stray Animal Care in Europe and our Wild Animals Rescue projects. 

Event Programme

Meet our colleagues – experts in their fields

Stray Animal Care Europe

Stray Animal Care Europe

Insights from Lisette Keetman, Project Manager for Stray Animal Care Europe

Wild Animals Rescue

Wild Animals Rescue

Insights from Magdalena Scherk-Trettin, Project Manager for Wild Animals Rescue and Advocacy

Illegal Puppy Trade

Illegal Puppy Trade

Insights from Nick Weston, Head of International Campaigns Companion Animals
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