Bear in Prishtina

The brown bear can reach a weight of 150-370 kg 

Depending on age, sex and the season

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The lion (Panthera leo) 

is described as the animal king

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Happy hen

DiD you know?

They can taste salt but not perceive sweet tastes 

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A nice way of environmental education!

Since most of us have to stay at home, make yourself comfortable and get ready to explore the world of our animals. Have fun!

DID you know?

A Bonding Affair

A Bonding Affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans

Laughing horse

Funny Facts about Animals

Wildlife is full of secrets and surprises – find out more!

Asiatic black bear in Ninh Binh

Asiatic Black Bears

Interesting facts and the reason why this bear is exploited for bile

Rabbit listening

The Proper Lifting and Lowering of a Rabbit

What a you should know about caring of a rabbit

Free range pigs enjoying the mud

A Natural Day in the Life of a Pig

Rooting, rolling, wallowing – how pigs would like to live

Age of Farm Animals

Age of Farm Animals

How old would a cow, a pig or a hen get to be if the animals were not slaughtered


Do you have a pet?

Here are some ideas

Cats like to play

How to keep your pets occupied during the coronavirus lockdown. Read more here!

Happy Rabbit

How to design a rabbit enclosure? Read more about making rabbits feel at home here.

Happy Guinea Pig

 Do It yourself! Build a guinea pig food tree - watch the video now.

Happy guinea pig

Entertaining things to with your guinea pig - try out clicker training for guinea pigs

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