A dog seeks shelter on top of a pile of rubble during the Serbian floods

Help When disaster strikes

Our Disaster Relief Unit are ready to support local organisation to help animals in disasters


Our specially trained Disaster Relief Unit is prepared to liaison and support urgent help in the aftermath of disaster and help animals around the world who otherwise cannot get help when people and communities are badly affected.

Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico, USA. 2017

During the destruction of Hurricane Maria, across the Caribbean region as a category 5 cyclone where many people were forced to leave their homes, and the few who stayed met devastating consequences, some fatal. Our team set out to help a few of the local animal rescuers that had no supplies to care for themselves and the animals, animals that were forced to be left behind, and were left starving as people could not return.

Wildfires. Near Athens, Greece. 2018

In the boiling summer of 2018, small fire raged into a wildfire that ripped through the seaside suburbs of the the capital called Rafina when the wind suddenly changed course. With high populations of residences and of stray cats in these communities, the disaster relief unit were to help support local organisations with technical coordination of performing search and rescues, feeding and trapping operations for the stray populations that needed be safely removed from the toxic environment and the feeding and reunification of pets that were unable to leave with their owners now left starving and injured. 

Earthquake. Lombok, Indonesia. 2018

The aftermath of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake left the island of Lombok's animals in need of help. The smaller Gili islands needed help to treat animals injured from fallen debris; and with life saving food and fresh water on the remote island. Over 500 animals on the island were treated and feed by our team until the islander were able to return.

Cyclone Fani. Odisha state, India. 2019

The severe cyclone Fani was the strongest cyclone to strike the Indian state of Odisha since the 1990's. The coastal city of Puri and the surrounding area, already stricken with poverty was left needing urgent support, with the successful evacuation of over 1 million people, hundreds of farm and stray animals perished, but for the survivors, our Disaster Relief team was able to help with clearing roads, veterinary treatments and emergency feeds and supplies with local partner and the local state veterinary authorities.

Stray dog in Bulgaria

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