cat hair

Advice for cat owners: how to remove cat hair and prevent excessive shedding


Having a cat makes a cosy home – but having cat hair all over the place can sometimes drive you to despair. FOUR PAWS has tips on how to remove cat hair and prevent your cat from shedding excessively. 

Cat hair everywhere!

Cats move on velvet paws and fascinate with their elegance, satisfying purring, soft fur, and how they snuggle up to us. It's not surprising that the cat is the number one household pet.  

But while cats have a fixed place in the household, the same cannot be said of their fur: fine cat hair gets onto chairs, the sofa, carpets, our favourite pieces of clothing – almost everywhere. All that vacuuming, washing and cleaning for nothing.   

Daily brushing helps

But don't give up: a few simple tricks can help you to get to grips with this hairy problem. Brushing your cat every day is number one. Regular grooming removes most of the hair that your cat would shed during the day. The loose hairs can then be removed directly from the brush and disposed of without having 'flown about' first. 

Furniture: rubber gloves!

We recommend rubber gloves for cleaning your 'hairy' furniture: stroke over the surface of your sofa and chairs. The electrostatic charge will whisk away the cat hair – usually quite easily.

Clothing: a cold blast in the tumble drier

If your clothes brush can't cope, try using a lint roller or adhesive tape to remove cat hair. But there's an even easier trick. If you have a tumble drier, put it into 'reverse': place your clothes in the drier BEFORE washing (cold airflow). Cat hairs loosely caught in the fabric will be blown out within a few minutes and then can be easily removed from the fluff filter.    

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