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How to Remove Cat Hair

Advice for cat owners: how to remove cat hair and prevent excessive shedding


Having a cat makes a cosy home – but having cat hair all over the place can sometimes drive you to despair. FOUR PAWS has tips on how to remove cat hair and prevent your cat from shedding excessively. 

Daily brushing helps

Brushing your cat every day is a good place to start. This will remove most of the hair that your cat would shed during the day. The loose hair can be removed directly from the brush and disposed of.

  • Our tip: If the cat hair is free from anti-parasitic agents, you can make it available to the birds as nesting material in the spring.

Remove hair from clothing

For most clothing items a clothes brush will be enough to get rid of the fur. If this does not work, then try your luck with an adhesive tape or alternatively with a lint roller or brush. There are a large number of pet hair removers of this type on the market. Do you have a clothes dryer? If so, then you can make it easier for yourself: Put your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes with a cool airflow. Cat hair that is loosely caught in the fabric will be blown out within a few minutes and can then be easily removed from the lint filter.

  • Our tip: Before you cuddle your cat the next time: put on clothes that the hair does not stick to so much.


We recommend rubber gloves for cleaning your "hairy" furniture: stroke the surface of your couch and armchair. The cat hair is swept away by the electrostatic charge - usually very easily.

  • Our tip: moisten the rubber glove beforehand so that the cat hair adheres better.

Vacuum cleaner and washing machine

Even if it can get annoying: vacuum your home every day. The more disciplined you are with cleaning, the less cat hair can build up. Take the opportunity and vacuum all the cushions at the same time with the nozzle provided for this purpose.

  • Our tip: Get an animal hair nozzle or brush for your vacuum cleaner or a vacuum robot.

Do you wash the cat bed covers in the washing machine? If so, then clean the drum of any remaining cat hair. Otherwise you will get annoyed with the hair on your clothes the next time you wash.

Last but not least

Somethings need to be replaced at some point. The next time you buy a new item of clothing or furniture, make sure to choose materials and surfaces that are easy to clean from fur.

Find more useful information and tips on the topic of cat hair in our guide: 'Moulting: Dogs & Cats'!


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