Dog Sunface

Jun 2015

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Sunface

A miracle called Sunface 


Begging at a butcher shop for a piece of meat – it is the daily business for a lot of stray dogs in Chennai, India, to survive the hard conditions on the street. For dog Sunface, this begging almost cost him his life. When he tried to steal a big piece of chicken that fell on the ground, the butcher decided to ‘teach him a lesson’ and cut off his entire nose with a butchers knife. A person who witnessed this cruel event immediately called our local partner Blue Cross India.

Even though the dog was very badly injured, the team managed to save his life. A miracle! Once not in fear and pain anymore, it turned out the dog was incredibly sweet and intelligent. 

"We decided to call him Sunface, because we still find him very pretty, his face is bright and his eyes are like a rising sun”

one of the rescuers said.

Nowadays, Sunface is the ‘office dog’ at Blue Cross of India, where he is acting like the big boss and although still very naughty, loved by everyone.

With our partner Blue Cross of India, we rescue animals like Sunface on a daily basis. Please support our work in India. 

Some facts about Sunface

  • He is probably around 5 years old
  • He gets special food, but is very capable to eat
  • He is happy, pain free and enjoys life at our centre

Update March 2020

Sweet Sunface is doing great, he is enjoying life at the office of the Blue Cross of India. He really isn't interested in playing with the other dogs, he just loves attention from all of the humans and it very affectionate!

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The Blue Cross of India is India's oldest and most influential animal welfare organisation. Founded in 1959, it has helped protect, care for and rescue thousands of animals.

The BCI team has specialised in rescuing animals from precarious situations and rescues over 17000 animals a year; that's over 46 a day! From cows stuck in wells to kittens in drain pipes, no animal is left behind. 

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