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Love FOR animals on Valentine's Day


Paying attention to animal welfare on the day of love makes every heart beat faster. We have 5 tips for you and your loved ones for an animal-friendly Valentine's Day.

1. Tasty snacks, but animal-friendly

Pralines, chocolate and sweets are proven classics on Valentine's Day. All the better if it didn't include hidden animal suffering. Pay attention to sweets containing palm oil, as the production is not only ecologically very questionable but also endangers the habitat of many endangered rainforest creatures, such such as orangutans. Also, many baked goods unfortunately still have cage eggs in baked goods, sadly are rarely labelled. Animal-friendly alternatives make hearts beat faster!


You have to be very careful with chocolate and flowers if cats, dogs and free-ranging rodents live in the same household. Romantic gifts are often poisonous for four-legged friends - especially chocolate!

2. Love goes through the stomach

How about a romantic homemade dinner for Valentine's Day? Do not panic! Cooking animal-friendly and plant-based meals can be very simple. We recommend some pea croquettes as a starter. This can be followed by delicious risotto with mushrooms and spinach. The romantic evening is rounded off with gingerbread mini cakes with hot cherries.

Herbal romance

Cooking can be easy with our recipes!


3. Animal welfare is sexy

Many people do not know that even condoms are not purely vegetarian. They often contain the animal protein casein from cows. Surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day with vegan condoms, because considering animal welfare is really sexy! And keeping this in mind: the whip does not have to be made of leather, there are already very good imitation leather and feathers!

4. Romantic and animal-friendly gift ideas

Regardless of whether it is pampering time with vegan cosmetics, valuable time together or donating towards animal welfare, there are many romantic options for animal-friendly gifts. How about, for example, a nice dinner in a chic, vegan restaurant nearby?

5. Animal agony is out

It's better not to give anything containing fur or down, because it hides enormous animal suffering. We also strongly advise against gifting living animals, as this comes with the commitment of an animals lifetime of responsibility, time and care.

FOUR PAWS wishes all animal lovers a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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Donating to animal welfare you give twice joy: your loved ones and the animals!

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