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Inbred lion cubs ‘victims of neglect rife in Bulgaria’s decaying zoos’

Country’s government accused of issuing permits to places that fail EU standards

'World’s loneliest elephant' allowed to leave zoo for better life

Kaavan, who lives in a Pakistani zoo, lost his partner in 2012 and is now medically clear to travel

The Lord and the lions: inside Asia’s Chinese medicine tiger bone trade

In South Africa, lions are being slaughtered – often by tourists in ‘canned hunts’ – then butchered and exported to Asia as ‘tiger bone’ for use in traditional medicine. Can British politician and ...

Rescuers 'Searching and Caring for Surviving Animals' in Wreckage After Deadly Beirut Explosion

A spokesperson from the mission said, "For many people, pets are like family members"

Cats stolen, drowned, bludgeoned and boiled in secretive Vietnam trade

Demand spreads across country after ban on killing cats scrapped, leading to animals being trafficked without food or water

In Indonesia, some cash-strapped owners are selling pet dogs as food

As the coronavirus pandemic hits incomes, some people are selling the animals into Indonesia’s controversial dog meat trade.

Siem Reap Becomes First Cambodian Province to Ban the Sale and Consumption of Dog Meat

According to the animal welfare group FOUR PAWS, an estimated three million dogs are killed for their meat in Cambodia each year

Campaigners welcome 'historic' EU inquiry into live animal transport

Report will look at suspected lack of welfare regulation enforcement, as growth in exports sees livestock journeys increase

Restaurant serves bear meat in ‘out-of-control illegal trade’

Stop the Wildlife Trade exclusive: Bears, monkeys, wolves and birds of prey sold for hundreds of euros on popular Albanian websites, investigation finds

Animal Welfare Group Feeds Stray Animals in Bali After Decline in Tourism Leaves Them Hungry

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to a significant decrease in tourism in Indonesia

The EU is trading in dead tigers

In a ramshackle barn somewhere in rural Vietnam, a balding chicken stumbles over a giant heap of chalky tiger bones. Outside, an enormous steel...

Inside the orangutan forest school where the first lesson is survival

Orphaned apes in the rainforest of Indonesian Borneo are taught all the skills they need in preparation for their eventual return to the wild

Meet the baby orangutans learning to climb trees

Baby orangutans are learning new skills from their human surrogate parents.

Tiger king? Try tiger empire: Europe is a net exporter of tigers—and it's time to bring that empire down | Opinion

Europeans enjoyed sniggering at Tiger King—but the continent's treatment of big cats is dismal.

Coronavirus causes dog and cat meat sales ‘to surge’ in Vietnam and Cambodia

Stop the Wildlife Trade: Even doctors sometimes recommend it in false belief it protects against viruses and heals scars

More tigers in captivity than in the wild, new report highlights

Report also reveals how captive tigers in private ownership, zoos and circuses in Europe are traded, bred and exploited.

Coronavirus: China's bear bile 'treatment' for Covid-19 alarms wildlife groups

When the number of coronavirus cases in Vietnam began to climb last month after weeks with no infections, the Four Paws Vietnam Foundation bear rescue group swung into action.Huong Ngo, its director...

Millions of dogs BUTCHERED cruelly in Cambodia for horror meat market

THE TRUE extent of Cambodia's dog meat trade is today laid bare as the Sunday Express reveals that millions of dogs are being killed to fulfil the growing demand for their meat.

Secret decks found on ship that capsized killing thousands of sheep

Discovery by salvage divers off Romania raises new questions over EU exports of live animals

Millions of dogs slaughtered for meat in 'drowning pits' in Cambodia

Cruel practices that saw helpless dogs kept in a foul-smelling shed and then downed in huge concrete tubs were unearthed on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

Vet Says Emaciated Sudan Park Lions are 'Fighters' as Rescuers Work Tirelessly to Save Them

"I look to the eyes of the lion and I get a sign from them, 'We are fighters, we want to survive,' " Dr. Amir Khalil tells PEOPLE.

Four lions wasting away in Sudanese zoo undergo life-saving treatment

Vets from Four Paws International performed desperate medical checks on the four surviving lions at Al-Qurashi Park in Khartoum. The action comes after a lioness died of starvation last week.

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