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December 2020

Our updates and stories of December

Chickens in a barn

New Year’s Resolution

For the animals, the planet and for you

Dog at home in cosy bed

New Year's Eve: Minimising Your Pet's Stress

A guide for owners of dogs, cats and small rodents

Dog opening a Christmas gift

Christmas with Pets

A guide for pet owners: dangers under the Christmas tree

Happy Turkey

Have Yourself a Merry Cruelty-Free Christmas Dinner

FOUR PAWS recommends animal-friendly food alternatives 


Gifting Someone a Pet? Think Again Before You Do This!

Giving dogs, cats and other animals as presents puts them at risk of ending up in shelters

Dog in shelter

Overcrowded shelters and out-of-control stray dog population in Moldova

FOUR PAWS provides over 60,000 meals for starving dogs and rescues puppies in urgent need of care

FOUR PAWS team with a rescued cat

For the first time FOUR PAWS closes a cat meat restaurant and slaughterhouse in Vietnam

25 animals rescued before brutal slaughter in the country’s so-called cat meat capital

Stray animal care of dogs in Thailand

Dogs of the Jungle

Our stray animal care team were on a mission to help stop the suffering of some of Thailand’s hardest to reach dogs

Bear Jambolina arrives at Arosa Bear Sanctuary

From the bleak Ukrainian circus to the snowy Swiss Alps

FOUR PAWS brings bear Jambolina to her new home at Arosa Bear Sanctuary

Golden retriever puppy outdoors on a sunny day

10 Tips to Recognise a Responsible Puppy Seller

FOUR PAWS advice on what to look out for when you are buying a puppy 

FOUR PAWS shuts down dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia critical to the trade

One million signatures to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia

FOUR PAWS receives global support in fight against the cruel trade

7 bile bears rescued

Rescue of 7 Bile Bears

Asiatic black bears La, Lam, Sang, Dua, Khe, Oi and Xoai begin their new lives at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh 

Elephant Kaavan

Rescue Kaavan

Our heaviest rescue to date – after years of isolation for the Asian elephant Kaavan, his loneliness finally ends!

Kaavan interacts with another elephant

Loneliest elephant in the world arrives in Cambodia

FOUR PAWS safely transfers Kaavan from Pakistan to Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary


November 2020

Our updates and stories of November

Transfer of Elephant Kaavan

From the loneliest to the luckiest elephant: Kaavan takes off for Cambodia

For the first time FOUR PAWS moves an elephant by air

Smiling rescued bear


You can’t buy happiness, but you can support it

President and First Lady of Pakistan bid farewell to elephant Kaavan

President and First Lady of Pakistan bid farewell to elephant Kaavan

Days ahead of FOUR PAWS' first ever elephant transfer

Cat at home

Emergency Plan for Pet Owners due COVID-19

What happens to my pet if I am ill or need to go into self-isolation?

Asiatic black bear Thu

Rescue Thu

With 15 years of suffering behind her, the Asiatic black bear begins her new life

Rescue Frol and Frosia

Rescue Frol and Frosia

Born for entertainment, these two restaurant bears knew no different – now they begin a new life! 

Investigation into Tiger Mafia

Exposed: How the tiger mafia in Asia and Europe trades with endangered big cats

FOUR PAWS hosts world premiere of wildlife crime investigator Karl Ammann’s new documentary 

Dogs in a cage

Key tourism operators join the fight against the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia

FOUR PAWS reveals impact of the dog and cat meat trade on tourism at World Travel Market event 

Cat and his owner

Responsible Pet Ownership

What you should know?

Transfer of bear Teddy

After years of suffering, bear Teddy gets the life he deserves in Bulgaria

FOUR PAWS rescues brown bear in North Macedonia and transfers him to DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa

Dairy cows being milked

Milk Madness: The Torment of Dairy Cows

What suffering is behind your daily glass of milk?

Wild Horses in Romania

10 Facts about Horses

Interesting and surprising facts about horses — do you know how tall horses can get?

Dog Daisy

Rescue Daisy

One of the 15 dogs saved from the dog meat trade in rural Cambodia, Daisy now has the chance at a new life in the USA.

Dog Rashi

Rescue Rashi

Saved from slaughter in rural Cambodia, Rashi represents the many dogs killed for meat in Southeast Asia. 

Stop the fur industry!

Stop the fur industry!

Call on policymakers and the fashion industry to finally act!


October 2020

Our updates and stories of October

Cattle in the stable in Germany

The Life of Beef Cattle

Roast beef and veal schnitzel: The cruelty behind farming of cattle fattened for meat

Tigeress Cara

Rescue Cara

The tigress' first months of life were in illegal keeping

AAI Dog Busia

FOUR PAWS Ukraine Receives Award for Animal Assisted Interventions Project

Recognising the positive contribution made to animal and human welfare in Vinnytsia

Veal calf

The Suffering of Calves

A distressing and sad youth for the by-products of the meat and dairy industry

The giga soy ship, arriving in Amsterdam

FOUR PAWS Team Document the Arrival of The World’s Largest Soy Shipment

The huge environmental impacts of South American soy imports used as animal feed in European factory farms

Elephant Kaavan will soon leave Pakistan

Pakistan’s last Asian elephant leaves for Cambodia in late November

The Islamabad High Court assigns FOUR PAWS with the relocation of lonely Kaavan


The Cost to Goats behind your Cashmere Sweater

Suffering for the luxury of cashmere  

Rabbit farm in Hungary

Farmed Rabbits

Learn more about how rabbits suffer in cages to end up on a plate


Autumn in our Sanctuaries

Beautiful pictures from our rescued animals enjoying the season


Help for Zoo Animals in Bulgaria

Wild animals suffer in miserable conditions

Farmed rabbits in cages, Italy

Historic success: 1.4 million “End the Cage Age” signatures handed in to EU Commission

FOUR PAWS applauds third highest signature count in the history of European Citizens’ Initiatives


FOUR PAWS has been an active cooperation partner of the Blue Cross of India (BCI) for almost 10 years

Through strong partnerships, we are able to help more animals, in India and around the globe


September 2020

Our updates and stories of September

Rescue Leo and Melanka

Rescue Leo and Melanka

The 'Presidential bears' rescued after 14 long years in a barren cage


White lion cub involved in car accident to be returned to private owner in Spain

FOUR PAWS criticises negligent action by German authorities 

Rescue bears Leo and Melanka

FOUR PAWS rescues ‘President Bears’ Leo and Melanka in Ukraine

After 14 years of captivity at presidential residence, a new life awaits them at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Cat Victor

Rescue Victor

 A true survivor and a little miracle

Elephant Kaavan

Green light for the rescue of the world's loneliest elephant

FOUR PAWS medical examination shows that elephant Kaavan is fit to be relocated

Dog Kaya

Rescue Kaya

She grew into a gentle character, who now helps teenagers in need

Release at LIONSROCK

The Women Fighting for Animals Around the Globe

Meet some of the FOUR PAWS female animal guardians 

Animal Charity

Suffering for Luxury Mohair

How angora goats are cruelly farmed for their soft hair


The Cruel Reality behind Angora Wool

How angora rabbits suffer horrendously for luxury fashion  


Mission to Pakistan

Animals are living in misery at the Islamabad Zoo

Wild mares in Letea, Danube Delta

Gallery Wild Horses

Roaming free in the Romanian wilderness


August 2020

Our updates and stories of August 



We love to entertain you!

Dog Sunshine

A Story of a Fisherman and His Sunshine

Help came to those in need during tough times

Sheared for the summer

Sheared for the summer

Our rescued sheep get more comfortable in the summer heat

Bears happy in the sunshine

Summer in our Sanctuaries

Beautiful pictures of our rescued animals enjoying the season

Injured and starving animals in Beirut

Mission to Lebanon

Injured and traumatised animals in Beirut

Dog Maxi

Rescue Maxi

Chemically burnt by cruel students 

Australian Merino sheep

Progress in Australia: Economic study shows switching to non-mulesed sheep is a success

Wool producers see both financial gain and improved sheep welfare when adopting mulesing-free methods 

The cat meat trade in Vietnam

Special dish 'Little Tiger': The rampant cat meat trade in Vietnam

According to FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation, over one million cats are killed for their meat every year, part of a nationwide cruel and hidden trade

FOUR PAWS shuts down dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia critical to the trade

FOUR PAWS shuts down dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia critical to the trade

Thousands of dogs are spared a gruesome death by drowning, choking, and asphyxiation

Pigs in stable

FOUR PAWS publishes meat-reduction-ranking on food producers

FRoSTA scored highest in FOUR PAWS ‘Atlas Challenge’ and first to sign commitment

Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Help to Close a Second Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

A short window of opportunity to prevent the deaths of thousands of dogs


July 2020

Our updates and stories of June

Live animal transport in Europe

EU Member States take action against legal violations on live animal transports

FOUR PAWS warns that without a comprehensive EU-wide solution, violations will continue

FOUR PAWS rescues two bear cubs from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

FOUR PAWS rescues two bear cubs from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

The cubs arrived at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh days before Vietnam announces ban on all wildlife trade

Tiger rescue in Germany and transfer to TIERART

Two former circus tigers retire to species-appropriate home in Germany

FOUR PAWS transfers Jill and Sahib to Animal and Species Protection Centre TIERART

Bear Melanka

Update Melanka & Leo

GREAT NEWS: Thanks to your support, more than 9,000 protest e-mails were sent to the State Management of Affairs in Ukraine.

Rats as pets

Pet Rats

Intelligent, playful, curious – rats can make great pets if kept in the right conditions.

Brumca at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

Rescue Brumca

She is a unique bear lady, who loves pasta and Chanel Nº 5

Pools are a danger to animals

Swimming Pools Pose a Danger to Pets and Wildlife!

Having a swimming pool is fun, but there are risks for animals that can be prevented

Dogs in cages at a dog meat trader in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap becomes the first province to ban dog meat in Cambodia

FOUR PAWS applauds local government for reacting to its year-long investigations


Community Engagement in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

Supporting communities in shaping a better future for animals

What do dogs enjoy doing on holiday?

What Do Dogs Enjoy Doing on Holiday?

Guide for dog owners: Ideas for a dog-friendly vacation

A first-aid kit for your dog

A First-Aid Kit for Your Dog

FOUR PAWS Guide for Dog Owners: What belongs in the pharmacy bag for the dog

Dog in a car

Travelling With Your Dog by Car

Guide for Dog Owners: How to drive your dog relaxed in the car

Romanian rescue sheep

Six months on...

It has been a long road to recovery for our rescued sheep, but now they can enjoy the life they deserve. Watch them now!

Rebecca at LIONSROCK

Influencing Millions Through a Passion for Fitness

Influencer Rebecca Louise shares travelling with a purpose 

Urgent help needed for Leo and Melanka!

Urgent help needed for Leo and Melanka!

We have to send 5,000 emails to win this campaign


June 2020

Our updates and stories of June

Dog Doris

Rescue Doris

Poor dog Doris had a stroke of bad luck in humid Thailand

Mink at a fur farm

After Coronavirus-Outbreak, Dutch Parliament votes to shut down mink farms

FOUR PAWS expects Dutch decision is game-changer for global fur farming

Dogs crammed into cages for dog meat

Dog meat festival takes place in China despite new regulation that protects dogs

FOUR PAWS regards the celebrations in Yulin as a threat to animals and public health

Live cattle at the Turkish border

EU Parliament votes for Committee of Inquiry on live animal transports

FOUR PAWS applauds milestone decision in favour of animal welfare

Helping animals following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico

Hurricane Season in a time of COVID-19

The potential of a strong hurricane season in the midst of the 2020 pandemic

A dog affected by severe flooding

Disasters and Your Pets: Are You Ready?

This guide will help you and your family get prepared for when disaster strikes

Bear cub kept as restaurant entertainment in Albania

Illegal wildlife trade in Albania is out of control

FOUR PAWS discovers bears, wolves, eagles and monkeys for sale on online portals 

Starving animals in Bali

Stray animals are starving due to collapse of tourism in Bali

FOUR PAWS teams up with Bali Animal Welfare to feed stray dogs and cats

Sheep Beetle

Emergency surgery for sheep Beetle

Of our lucky sheep survivors, one of them hasn't had the best luck since.

Rescued bear cub Mochi

Rescue Mochi, Nara and Nikko

Three bear cubs saved in Vietnam from illegal wildlife traders


May 2020

Our updates and stories of May

Dog in cage

China bans the selling of dog and cat meat

FOUR PAWS calls on the Governments of Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam to follow China’s example

Orphan Damai arrives at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL

Rescue Damai

Help came just in time!

Dog lying in grassland

Danger from Oak Processionary Moth

Guide for dog owners: How to protect your dog from the poisonous caterpillar 

Feeding strays in the Philippines

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return of 600 stray cats in Romania

With the COVID-19 measures finally being lifted in Romania, our Stray Animal Care team are allowed to start their normal activities again, and starting with a big task!  

Cub Mochi finds a species-appropriate home at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

FOUR PAWS rescues bear cub from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

Cub Mochi finds a species-appropriate home at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Bear rescue Vietnam amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Bear rescue amidst COVID-19 pandemic

FOUR PAWS provides species-appropriate home for two bears in Vietnam

Feeding strays in the Philippines

Feeding of the Philippines Strays

Our partner organisation is helping to feed strays during the pandemic lock down in the Philippines. We're helping strays worldwide during COVID-19.  

Orphaned orangutan rescued by FOUR PAWS

Baby orangutan crammed into a sack and tied to a motorcycle

FOUR PAWS ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL takes traumatised ape orphan into safe custody


Pet mice as Pets

What you should know about this fascinating animals

Bears James and Freddie playing

The Police Check That Changed A Bears Life

When a routine police stopped a taxi in Vietnam – they were shocked with what was laying on the back seat

lion lying in the high grass

Spring has arrived in our sanctuaries

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet!

Bears kissing

Tips for a Loving Mother's Day

9 animal-friendly Mothers Day ideas that come from the heart

Bear cub Nara in the enclosure at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Gallery Animals Doing Yoga

Sometimes our rescued animals are caught on camera in all kinds of shapes!


April 2020

Our updates and stories of April

Easter and Tombi lambs

It's all sunshine and play for our lambs

It's positive news from our sweet new lambs in Romania. 

Scared dog

The Impact of Lockdown on Domestic Violence

FOUR PAWS' Guide for Animal Lovers

Mink at a fur farm

COVID-19 detected on Dutch mink farms

FOUR PAWS demands ban on fur farms

Dog at home

Pets and life after COVID-19 lockdown

FOUR PAWS advises how to prepare pets for a normal routine again


Even in times like these, animals around the world need our help

You would like to work in animal care, fundraising, marketing, finance, HR or administration? Use the chance now and apply today!

Veterinarian Dr Amir Khalil and Kaavan

World Veterinary Day

Celebrate the world class vets at the helm of our emergency rescue missions

Stray animal care in Romania

COVID-19 and Stray Animals

What a pandemic means for stray cats and dogs

Tiger behind bars

The Tiger Kings in Europe

FOUR PAWS releases new report unveiling out-of-control captive tiger trade

Lion Masoud

Animal Memory for Download

Entertain the whole family with our printable memory game

Lamb Tombi

Two new arrivals to our rescue sheep herd!

It was a busy Easter as the team in Romania welcome two new babies into the world

FOUR PAWS offers advice on fostering and adoption

Coronavirus lockdown: The perfect time to get a pet?

FOUR PAWS offers advice on fostering and adoption

End the dog and cat meat trade

Timeline of our activities and achievements

FOUR PAWS is committed to bringing an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia 

Laughing horse

Funny Facts about Animals

Wildlife is full of secrets and surprises – find out more!

Hedgehog in the undergrowth

Easter fires can be a deadly fate for wild animals

FOUR PAWS advises: Only pile up firing piles shortly before lighting


COVID-19: NGOs call on World Health Organisation to help stop next pandemic

Ban on global wildlife markets could prevent such health crises in the future

Dog and cat meat trade in the time of the COVID-19 epidemic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

While China bans dog and cat meat, trade in Southeast Asia is thriving

FOUR PAWS reveals new dog and cat meat trend amongst global pandemic

Non-mulesing Sheep

100 textile brands against mulesing

FOUR PAWS urges fashion industry to demand cruelty-free wool


March 2020

Our updates and stories of March

Snuffle mat for dogs

Make a Snuffle Mat for Your Dog

Instructions: creative fun for both you and your dog!

Cat in Germany

Spring is here – and it’s mating time for cats

Unneutered cats can produce unwanted offspring during this period

Orangatan in Care of FOUR PAWS

FOUR PAWS ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL prepares for emergencies

Coronavirus might endanger the great apes 

Lamb Marțișor

Update on our miracle lamb 

Against all odds, we welcomed a new life into the world. See how Marțișor and his step-sister are doing!


We love to entertain you! #ClickAndLearn

Since most of us have to stay at home, make yourself comfortable and have fun!

The team on Silk Island

Stray Animal Care on Silk Island: Working at 36 Degrees Celsius

Medical care for over 500 animals in Cambodia

Live animal transport

Endless waiting times and cruel circumstances at borders

Live animal transports during coronavirus situation

Happy Bear

Measures in times of corona

We are well prepared to continue to care for our animals

Dog at Home

Q&As: Pets and Coronavirus

Information for Pet Owners

Surprise lamb Mărțișor

Our rescued sheep from the capsized ship 

We have a little spring surprise from our rescued sheep in Romania!

Lion Lenci in FELIDA

Rescue Lenci

This lion is a true fighter: his story from 'Europe's worst zoo' to a happy life

Dog Mia - 3 month old

Rescue Mia

A sweet and gentle soul - hit by a car and left to die

Young bird

'Branchling' - Hands off Please!

Guide for animal lovers: what you can do for young wild animals

Bear Ema in the snow

Winter in our Sanctuaries

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


February 2020

Our updates and stories of February 

Dog Whitey suffered from skin infection

Rescue Whitey

Heartlessly dumped on the streets of Thailand, he was left to fend for himself

Happy hens

Gallery Farm Animals

See how they should live

Dog in front of a temple

Stray Animal Care on Silk Island, Cambodia

FOUR PAWS provides lifesaving care for dogs and cats


Update of our 180 survivors! 

Animal Disaster Relief in Romania

Foster mother and orphaned orangutan

What is it like to be a Foster Mother to Orangutans?

Orphan orangutans need around the clock care, our caregivers act as foster mothers to the apes in need

Dogs in a cage

Ten million dogs and cats are slaughtered for their meat in Southeast Asia yearly

According to new FOUR PAWS report, trade continues to thrive despite severe risk to public health 

Puma Tikam


Our wild animal sanctuary in Germany, is an animal-friendly haven for many beautiful animals

Lions kissing

Love for Animals this Valentine's Day

Five animal-friendly tips to make your heart beat faster this Valentine's Day

Dog sniffing on another dog

Giardia – Invisible Guests

Guide for pet owners: the dangers for animals and humans

Group of young hares

Do Not Disturb Young Hares

Guide for animal lovers: what you can do for young wild animals


January 2020

Our updates and stories of January

starving lions

FOUR PAWS cares for starving animals in Sudan

Four lions have already lost two thirds of their natural body weight


FOUR PAWS and Fur Free Alliance warn against 'WelFur' animal welfare label

Fur production is responsible for the painful death of millions of animals every year

Wombat in Australia bushfires

Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

How to help animals during the devastating bushfire season

White dog

Stray Animal Care in Bali, Indonesia

FOUR PAWS and Program Dharma – saving dogs and cats 

Rescued sheep arrive at new home

FOUR PAWS provides new home for sheep rescued from capsized ship in Romania

180 sheep out of 14,000 survived due to tireless rescue efforts

Heli Dungler in the early days, during an anti-fur protest

FOUR PAWS Years-in-Review

Our successes year by year 

Rescued bear

Discover our Rescue Stories

Read more